Resume Services

Freshers (0 – 1 years)

Newly graduated, post graduated or completed Masters ? Looking for the best opportunity to kick-start your career ?

You should have the right arsenals in your hands to win and your RESUME is your biggest weapon to take on the world !

Prices start Rs 500

Starters (1-5 years)

Started your career and into job for the last few years ?

Looking up for opportunity to go up the ladder ? Ready to explore ?

The time is right to get your self a Resume that makes the recruiters take special interest !

Prices start Rs 1000

Intermediate (5-15 years)

Are you stuck ? Are you being overlooked ? Are you being denied ?

Now is the time to take your career in your hands. !!!Take control !!!

Go for that opportunity that’s waiting for you to grab it.

Prices start Rs 1500

Advanced (15-25 years)

Its been some time in managerial and senior managerial roles. Time to move on to Executive role now.

Prices start Rs 4000

Executives (25 + years)

For internal or external top level positions like Vice presidents, Senior vice presidents, COO, CEO.

For the right candidates the positions are created !

Prices start Rs 5000

 Free Evaluation

You can avail free service offered by us. We evaluate your resume completely free. After the evaluation you will be presented with a summary of gaps in your resume.

Prices 100% Free

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