Essentials of a Kindergarten Teacher’s Resume

Robert Fulghum said, “All I really need to know… I learned in kindergarten.” This quote is a candid demonstration of the importance of Kindergarten education for any student. It is for this very reason that it is important for schools to impart quality Kindergarten education. Obviously, this necessitates qualified and experienced teachers who can mold kids to develop the right personality. And this is one of the most important reasons why Kindergarten teachers are so sought-after in today’s schools. This is exactly the reason why a kindergarten teacher must have a strong resume that will shout out your abilities to develop a kid and portray you at your best!

Despite the commonalities among the resume of a teacher in general, the resume of a Kindergarten teacher demands more tailoring and customization in order to fit into the specific pre-requisites of the job. The material to be included in the resume must be carefully handpicked and scrutinized to meet the above mentioned criteria. The core of the resume must be the significance of your role in the development of children and the resume is to be furnished with your skills and abilities that make you eligible for the job. The key is to strike a balance between the focus on the welfare of the children and your ability to work closely with your colleagues or fellow teachers.

Some of the things that could be listed as the responsibilities of a Kindergarten teacher include:

  • Effectively harnessing games and activities to build the vocabulary, language, mathematical and social abilities of the children.
  • Planning and organizing a range of extra-curricular activities  including role play, movement, dance, singing, games, arts and crafts and nature activities
  • Preparation of inspiring and interesting learning materials creatively and using practical skills
  • Closely observing the development of children and recognizing those students with learning difficulties and working closely with other professionals and colleagues for this cause
  • Effective communication of the child’s development with his/her parents
  • Handling any problems or situations that arise efficiently and creatively

It is important to accentuate your specialty or a special ability. E.g.: ability to work with children with some difficulties.

Besides these, it is important to highlight your skill sets. The skills that are to be highlighted must include the ones that demonstrate your ability to develop children through interactive and creative activities.

Some of the skill sets that can be listed are:

  • The ability to utilize communication skills so as to create a cheerful, gentle and stimulating learning ambience
  • Adept at nurturing children’s appetite for learning and transmitting excitement among the children
  • Highly creative and practical skills and an imaginative approach
  • An understanding and kindliness towards the needs of the children and an ability to maintain a positive relationship with the parents and other teachers
  • A clear knowledge of early childhood and a grasp of the problems that could hinder the normal development of a child
  • Liveliness, vitality and ingenuity

Last but not the least, let your CV reflect and emphasize the passion that you have for educating young children and a candid perception of your responsibility in the raising of children in knowledge and conviction and your ability to impart a positive view of themselves and the world around them.

Kindergarten Teacher’s Resume

Good Writing

To be successful in a workplace, communication is a critical, but very often, a neglected  part of a person’s  skill set. It is commonly seen that a person may be highly qualified, efficient and very good at his or her work but fails to find success or recognition because of either a lack of communication or faulty communication. Of all the communication skills, writing skills are, probably, the most underestimated but the most important. Bad writing of reports may lead to mis-communication, ambiguous messages or even a wrong message. Writing skills are fundamental in business.

Significance of good writing

The importance of good writing starts from the time you write your resume or CV and forward it to an employer for consideration. A well written cover letter and resume will catch the eye of a prospective employer. A CV with a number of grammatical mistakes, incoherent thoughts and disjointed sentences creates a negative first impression on the interviewer. Have a look at how this  CV must have looked to the reader.

good writing

For those in a job, reports are required to be written frequently, presentations are to be made, even confidential reports need some writing. There may be applications for as simple a thing as asking for leave or more complicated ones like preparing a detailed project report, writing a press  release or even the  minutes of a meeting. A good report will present all the facts in a manner that is lucid, correct and easy to understand.  The reader must be able to understand exactly what the writer wants to convey. This can be achieved only by a well written report. Many times, the essence of the report gets distorted by a wrong choice of words or even by simple grammatical mistakes. A simple omission of an ‘e’ may lead to a result of ‘not approved’ from an intended ‘note approved’! There is likelihood of misinformation if a report is badly or shoddily written .

Many of us think that in this age of email and sms texting , writing can be slipshod and correct spelling does not matter. Furthermore, the nature of business writing has become casual which  is not actually correct. In fact, garbled, unclear, poorly and hastily written emails cause loss of time, money and productivity.

Now that we have learnt how important it is to be good at writing ,the next question is what is good writing  and how  can it be achieved . One of the most important considerations when writing is the purpose.What is the purpose of the writing ? Is it to describe an event? Is it to argue a case? Is it to put up the facts of a case? Once the purpose is known , it becomes easier to have a well written piece of work . The second point to note is the person, or persons who will be reading it  i.e the audience . The style of writing will differ with the target group. Putting up a report to the Chairman and   putting one up to your immediate boss will require different styles of writing.

Another important attribute of a good writing is that it should be able to hold the reader’s attention. It should be engaging. The reader should not lose interest while reading it. Good writing should have focus. The writer should not meander but stick to the purpose for which the report or writing is being done. It is easy to get sidetracked or to stretch a point too much. The writing should be sharp, direct and to the point.

 A well written piece should be free of grammatical mistakes. The vocabulary should be well chosen and slangs should be avoided at all costs. Experts caution against overly formal and stiff writing and the use of clichés such as ‘at the end of the day’, ‘last but not the least’, ‘in a nutshell’.

An effective way of achieving good writing skills is to read. Read good writing and also read the bad writing. Learn to know the difference and then adopt the good writing skills. Pay attention to the grammar and vocabulary. Practice writing and revise what one has written. Always maintain simplicity of style. Good writing should have accuracy, clarity, spelling, punctuation, grammar and conciseness.

Office office-An office assistant’s resume

An office assistant or an office executive or an office administrator takes care of all the tasks ranging from reception handling to day to day office work.

The key highlights of such a resume can be the multitude of tasks handled which span documentation, people management and customer relationship building. These skills if done in a meticulous way add to greater customer satisfaction and smooth functioning of the office work.

Some key tasks handled by office executives are:

-Greeting and signing in visitors
-Taking messages and transferring calls
-Managing meeting rooms
-Fax, scan and copy documents
-Filing, typing
-Ordering stationery, beverages

A person with an attitude which is friendly, proactive, approachable and has strong work ethics suit well for the job.