Some question/answers on Resume / CV ; that might show some more focus on the importance of Resume/CV.

Why is Resume / CV so important ?
Resume is the most important tool if you are looking for a job or even if you are looking for a promotion in your existing job. The big question is arised , why is that ? well, its because your resume is going to show case your capabilities, your competencies, your strength, your experience and testimonies of the same. Just by reading through your resume, others would know about you and what you are capable of.

Whats the difference between Resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae)?
Resume is basically a short descriptive summary of academics and work history and events. Where as CV is a detailed summary of academics including the projects, papers, research etc. including the detailed history of work and previous experiences.

Where Resume is used and where CV is required ?
Although there is no such distinction as to where resume and where CV shall be used. But generally Resume is used for the professional jobs like Engineering, Information technology, Sales, Marketing, Assistance, administration etc. Where as CV is normally used for professionals like Doctors, Professors, Research scholars, teachers, Business personnel.

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